Chef Salad  9.99
Ham, turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, carrots, bacon bits, cheese & croutons

Tossed Garden Salad  5.99
A lettuce blend with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bell peppers, onions & croutons. with Chicken Strips 9.99 | with Shrimp 10.99 | with Marinated Tuna 11.99

Tuna Salad and Shrimp Salad Combo  12.99
Served with tomatoes, cucumbers, & fresh fruit over mixed greens

Clam Chowder  Cup 7.99 / Bowl 8.99
Delicious Hatteras clams in an authentic Hatteras style “clear” clam broth

Seafood Stew  Cup 8.99 / Bowl 9.99
Tomato based stew with shrimp, scallops, potatoes, carrots & onions

Crab Bisque  Cup 9.99 / Bowl 11.99
Thick cream bisque with lump crabmeat & seasoned to perfection

Salad Dressings: 
Bleu Cheese,  Thousand Island, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Parmesan Pepper, Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Balsamic or Raspberry Vinaigrette



Shrimp (8) (fried or broiled)  9.99
with cocktail & tarter sauce

Buffalo Shrimp (8)  9.99
With bleu cheese dressing & drizzled with hot sauce

Coconut Shrimp (8)  11.99
With sweet & sour sauce

Calamari  11.99
With marinara sauce

Crab Cake Balls (5)  15.99
Served with Texas petal sauce

Crab Dip  14.99
homemade with lump crabmeat, bacon, cream cheese, celery & spinach served in a bread bowl with fried pita chips

Soft Shell Crabs (2 – Fried) (In Season Only) 14.99
With cocktail & tarter sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes (5) 9.99
with Shrimp (4) (fried/broiled) 11.99

Fried Pickles (6)  7.99
Served with Texas petal sauce

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (6)  7.99
Served with marinara sauce

Nachos Grandes 9.99
Tortilla chips topped with chili, melted cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, jalapeno peppers, lettuce & tomatoes

Buffalo Wings (10) 10.99
Hot & spicy with bleu cheese dressing & celery

Chicken Lips (chicken fingers) (5)  6.99
Breaded strips of chicken breast with a honey-mustard dip

Onion Rings (12) 6.99 | (6) 5.99
Served with ranch dressing



Steamed Shrimp  ½ lb. 14.99/1 lb. 24.99
Seasoned with Old Bay and served with butter & cocktail sauce

Snow Crablegs  1 Cluster. 15.99/2 Clusters. 26.99
Served with butter & cocktail sauce
Combo ½ lb. shrimp, 1 Cluster Crablegs 28.99

Clams 8.99
Dozen Steamed Clams served with butter & cocktail sauce

Sugar Creek’s Seafood Steamers  29.99
Steamed Shrimp, Clams, Crablegs, Mussels, Crawdads with Corn on the Cob & Potatoes, seasoned with Old Bay and served with butter & cocktail sauce



Entrees include cornbread & choice of 2 Sides:  Fries, Coleslaw, Daily Vegetable 

Shrimp (fried or broiled) (10)  13.99
Everyone’s favorite

Coconut Shrimp (10) 14.99
with sweet & sour sauce

Popcorn Shrimp  13.99
Golden fried

Fish of the Day (fried or broiled) (ask your server) 13.99
with Shrimp  15.99

Flounder (fried or broiled) (may have a few bones) 15.99
with Shrimp  17.99

Yellowfin Tuna (broiled)  15.99
Marinated in Italian dressing with a dash of teriyaki

Seafood Platter (fried/broiled)  17.99
Fish of the Day (ask server), shrimp & scallops. Flounder may be substituted for $2 extra (flounder may have a few bones)

Oysters (10 – fried)  (In-season) 16.99
Lightly breaded & fried

Crab Cake (1) (fried/broiled) 16.99
with Shrimp (4)  18.99

Shrimp & Scallops (fried or broiled) 18.99
Two of the ocean’s best on one plate

Scallops (fried or broiled) 18.99
A real Wanchese delight

Soft Shell Crabs (2) “In Season Only”  16.99

Clam Strips 10.99
Lightly breaded & fried

Boneless Chicken Breast (1)  9.99
Marinated in Italian dressing & grilled

Hamburger Steak with Gravy  11.99
Angus beef smothered with gravy, mushrooms & onions



We proudly serve Boar’s Head meat. Served on a white roll or on white, wheat or rye bread with lettuce, tomato, pickle & fries. Substitute Onion Rings for Fries $2 extra –  Add American, Swiss, Provolone, or Cheddar Cheese $1

Marinated Tuna Sandwich (broiled) 10.99

Tuna Salad Sandwich or Melt  9.99

Shrimp Salad Sandwich or Melt  9.99

Fish of the Day (fried/broiled)  12.99
Ask your server. Flounder maybe substituted for $2 extra (flounder may have a few bones)

Crabcake Sandwich (fried or broiled)  16.99

Soft Shell Crabs (In Season Only – 2 – Fried)  16.99

Grilled Veggie Burger  7.99

Burger  10.99
Black Angus beef

Grilled Chicken Sandwich  8.99

Hot Dog plain  5.99
All beef. With melted cheese, chili & onions 7.99

Outer Banks Deli Delight  9.99
Ham, turkey, BLT on country toast

Grilled Cheese Sandwich  5.99



Fries, Coleslaw, Rice, Daily Vegetable 1.99 Each

Substitute a Salad for a Side $3 Extra

Substitute Onion Rings for a Side $2 Extra



Children ages 12 and under, please. Choice of One Entree, Served with Fries or Applesauce on a frisbee  7.99

Fried Popcorn Shrimp

Fried Fish of the Day

Fried Chicken Lips (chicken fingers – 3)

Fried Macaroni & Cheese Wedges

Pasta with Alfredo or Marinara Sauce

Cheese Quesadilla